Boy - 9 years
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     High precision custom made orthotics
                          High precision custom made orthotics
He has a diagnosis of spastic diplegia. It shows as a very low tonus centrally, which is increasing towards the periphery or distal parts of the body. Hips and knees while standing are in strong internal rotation and adduction. As a consequence, the feet have gotten into a strong Planovalgus position, bowed Achilles tendon, the navicular bone pressured downwards. The thumbs on the feet are forced into hallux valgus position.
The boy is fairly independent when standing up against support and when sitting down. He is able to walk, also walking independently with a walking frame. In these activities, it was absolutely necessary to ensure a more correct position of the feet, consequently also the knee and hip, so that no permanent deformations occur in the long run.

aNImaKe designed an prolonged AFO orthoses. On the first application improvements were seen in the very position of the foot. The boy stood up easier, extended his knees easier. Despite only supporting 2/3 of his sole and thus allowing the first walking stage to be mobile, it showed a good position of thumb, which was no longer forced into hallux valgus position. The boy feels well with the use of orthosis, no increased pressure or abrasions have been observed. He says he almost forgot to have a orthosis at all, because he has the feeling that it pours together with his feet. He likes to use it.

He has been using them for three months.
Date: 8.3.2018
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