aNImaKe d.o.o. is a company that focuses primarly on research, and much of time is devoted to new solutions. Projects that are currently in the testing phase:

PROJECT: Handbrace

We are developing a handbrace for children with an increased muscle tone in hands, which usually results in a forced fist position.

With the new fully individual medical device, we want to allow children to open their fists and enable them to touch the world around them. Also it enables more functional physiotherapy, which is vital for a more general improvement of the condition.

PROJECT: Knee brace

We are developing a knee brace, for children with an increased muscular tone in the legs, which often results in scissoring.

With the new individual medical device, we want to prevent knee scissoring during walking, sitting and crawling.

PROJECT: Writing gadget

We are developing a writing aid designed for children who for various reasons have difficulties with writing. They write from the wrist, elbow or even the shoulder, or have a restless hand, which makes it impossible write steadily.

The writing aid allows to calm children hand and stabilize their wrists on a special surface. The writing aid allows the installation of two sheets of size A4 or one A3.


We want our patented technology for the production of Ankle Foot Orthoses to reach as many experts as possible in this field, which will enable children to have more individual and affordable solutions than are currently offered by the market.
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